Saturday, April 11, 2009

Christmas '06

Only a few pictures from this Christmas... that i can find.

Our first Christmas tree...

and a family picture.

First months married

So, we leave Norway about ten days after coming back from Spain, and start our new lives, married, and in our first apartment together. Kristine's parents drove us to the airport to bid us fair-well.

Shortly after our arrival to the US, we had what we call our 2nd wedding, or our reception in Houston. It was arranged by many helpful friends, and it went ever so smoothly. It went/looked something like this...

After all that was done, we could get started with, schooling, & white tigers

Thats my boy Ruben!

The location of where the tiger cages were has gone from me, but still crazy to be driving along a random road in the middle of nowhere, and find 8-9 cages full of tigers...

Eden & David got married!

Booty call...

Astros game...

Pimping in the Audi before it got totaled in an accident a few months later ( Juan was driving :/ )

Check out our Grill!

The car accident...before and after

Kristine's back...this injury was cause by playing handball in Norway for 8 years on concrete was re-injured after our car accident. This happened in Nov 2006

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Back to Norway 2006

So after Spain it was back to Norway for 10 more days...

Have only found pictures from the same day we came back from Spain, and were taking the ferry home.

Spain 2006

We visited Spain a couple of days after getting married:

Pic 1 - Most of the extended family
Pic 2 - Kristine & Juan w/the Giralda in the background
Pic 3&4 - Kristine & Juan in different places around Sevilla
Pic 5 - Kristine and the view from grandma's balcony
Pic 6 - The Benito's (except for Max who was on his mission) taking a walk in Sevilla

The rest of 2006

In order to complete the entries that are missing to make this blog an up-to-date blog, I am going to summarize the rest of the year(s) after the wedding...
Here goes:

The Family united for a picture

Brother-in-law Glenn André, the love of his life, Tone, and their son Sondre

Kristine in front of the palace in Oslo after a visit to the US Embassy where we went through our interview for the green card application.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Visitor Map

Sunday, November 9, 2008


So after a couple of days of being in Norway, we flew to Sweden to meet the rest of the Benito family, who had come straight to Stockholm from the USA.

The Stockholm, Sweden Temple:

And the Bride & Groom on that special day, May 20, 2006:

The Family,

And the most precious of them all!